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R R Petroplast Pvt.Ltd is prime manufacturer and marketer of industrial cutting fluids. We have taken a long stride in the field, due to quality of our product. We have sound and sophistically infrastructure which is equipped with latest & modern machine to ensure the quality of product.

R R metalworking fluids are more than just an aid to machining parts. The Liquid Tool saves time and money – without harming humans and the environment.

Process dependability We help to keep your production running smoothly, by stabilizing your processes and preventively identifying potential interferences. This results in greater machine availability, which enables better production planning.

Maximum safety Our cutting fluids are very well tolerated and user-friendly. They comply with the highest workplace safety standards. The result is fewer health-related issues and greater employee motivation.



Water-miscible coolants

R R Petroplast Pvt.Ltd products at a glance – cost-effective coverage of all applications. It’s is mineral base multi operation chlorine free, high performance soluble cutting oil WITH BACTERIA CONTROL FORMULA for longer sump life and improved rust prevention


Our well-balanced productoffers you the following advantages:
  • Excellent human and environmental compatibility
  • Optimal cooling and lubrication
  • Optimal machining and grinding performance
  • Minimal consumption
  • Outstandingly good flushing and cleaning
  • High long-term stability and robustness
  • Optimal removal of foreign oil
  • Optimal machine compatibility
Mineral oil based Cutting Fluids
  • Free of bactericide and boron
  • Excellent human and environmental compatibility
  • High performance well-proven additive technology
  • Finely dispersed oil-in-water emulsions modern technology
  • Universal cutting fluid for nearly all machining operations, materials and water qualities in diverse climates
  • Robust
  • Emergency running properties
Synthetic Cutting Fluids
  • It is oil free and fully synthetic coolant. It is an ideal fluid suitable for drilling & grinding technique.
  • The solution formed is clear, alkaline in character and have effective anti-rust properties.


Recommendation and value proposal

Based on the situational analysis results, we work out a customized offer for products and services to meet your requirements and reach your improvement goals.

Proven value-added of our Liquid Tool

We have developed our own instrument, the Liquid Tool Analyser, to verify the value-added of our proposal. This forms our basis for further action – either on the respective process alone, or as you choose.

Testing before resting

We test the recommended metalworking fluid in operation to verify our value-added estimate.

Our Liquid Tool

After you decide for our Liquid Tool, we help you implement it efficiently to make sure you benefit from the advantages without delay.

Check on target attainment

To be sure that the promised value-added is consistently reached during operation, we regularly compare target values with actual measurements. You will receive optimization proposals from our specialists if necessary.

On-site customer service

In the unlikely event of a problem, our test experts will quickly be with you to solve it professionally.



Water quality test

Cutting fluid emulsion quality depends very much on the respective water quality. In order to recommend the best possible cutting fluid concentrate to make an optimal emulsion, you have to check your water quality. To this purpose, we offer training accordingly.

The Liquid Tool – your key to profitability

We make your machining more profitable. With our accumulated know-how covering all machining demands and situations, we set the highest standards for the quality of our products, the expertise of our specialists, and the dependability of our customized services.

Customised services

Our services help you to optimize your machining conditions. We prioritize the dependability of our cutting fluids in every phase of your machining processes. That is why we provide a wide range of customised services accordingly.

Services in the Barrel

Every Barrel of R.R Petroplast cutting fluid includes all the services that go with it. This makes sure of optimal starting conditions and optimal cutting fluid emulsion performance.